Find out what’s in place and our protection plan before you visit.

Visitor info

The Swiss Vapeur Parc is open. The health of our visitors and employees is our top priority. The many outdoor walks guarantee a serene experience. You will find all the important information for your visit on this page, continuously updated.

Before your visit

Your Health

Make sure you are healthy before considering your visit to the Swiss Vapeur Parc

  • Simplified entrance to the park for people in possession of the entrance ticket
  • Discounts of up to 20% on all tickets purchased in advance.

During your visit

General Behavior

Please stay away from other visitors and staff and wash or disinfect your hands regularly

Walking by train

Access to stations and regulated trains.

A family or group of 5 people per car maximum

Disinfected trains

Restaurants and shops

  • Snack, Crêperie and Buffet open.

Exit from the park

Any exit is final unless requested beforehand.

After your visit

Your health

If COVID-19 is detected, report it to the park so that visitors can be notified of the day.

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