Frequently asked questions!

Frequently asked questions

Can we Park nearby?

At your disposal:

  • In front of the Park, 80 paying parking spaces including 2 places for persons holding a PMR authorisation.
  • At 200m by the Lakeside, 120 places at the Bouveret station.
  • Front Aquaparc (300m) 270 seats.
  • For days of high attendance, parking of 300 places at the entrance of the village served by a shuttle.

Parking rates: CHF 7.- per day, 1.50 hour in all car parks.

Can we go out of the Park during the day?

During your first time passing at the check-in, a stamp is put on your hand and allows you to enter and exit the Park at your leisure during the day.

At what age do children pay for the entrance?

Children pay for the entrance from the age of 3.

Can we smoke in the Park?

Smoke is tolerated outside the buildings.

Ashtrays are available to help us keep the Park clean.

It is forbidden to smoke on the station platform and on the trains.

Can we have a picnic in the Park?

The Park has two shaded picnic areas.

Do people with reduced mobility have access to the Park?

The Swiss Vapeur Parc is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Ask for preferential rates when you check-in.

We have platform wagons adapted to wheelchairs.

The roads are accessible to wheelchairs.

The adapted toilets are located outside the Park in the direction of the lakeside (about 50m).

Size of adapted cars:
72.5cm wide
135cm high

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs kept on a leash are allowed in the Park.

Dogs are forbidden on trains.

Thank you for having feces bags in order to keep the Park clean

Is the Park open in all weather?

The Park is open in all weather.

We have 4 covered trains and many shelters.

Can I visit the park with a stroller?

All the paths are suitable for strollers.

We have a space (not guarded) where strollers can be deposited.

Strollers are not allowed on trains.

Can we do several laps by train?

An entrance includes free daily access to the Park and unlimited train tours.

For more information about rolling stock, infrastructure or the Park, you can read the dedicated pages in the section our universe or contact us via the contact form.